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Nous proposons à la vente du matériel neuf et occasion
Le matériel d'occasion est vendu en parfait état de fonctionnement après révision constructeur.
Pour le matériel neuf, nous avons un partenariat appuyé et solide avec les constructeurs (notamment RTI & Audiofocus)

Cette liste est non-exhaustive.... envoyez-nous un petit mail avec vos besoins...




The RTI PIKO devices are very compact laser systems in a sealed housing.

For example : PIKO RGB 18 has a guaranteed output power of 17,000mW and a typical power of 19,500mW - full color RGB!

Imagine just to take your whole show equipment of e.g. four projectors in your suitcase with you when travelling. This tiny little unit is not only extremely powerful, but it is also completely sealed at IP54!
The PIKO units can easily be configured through the versatile, detachable remote control pad: You can completely adapt the basic settings of the whole system.
Standard control of this laser light system is through ILDA, but of course even these units can optionally be operated through LAN, DMX, SD-card or auto mode as well. Even W-DMXTM is available on request.

The PIKO RGB 18 units are equipped with green Coherent OPSL Taipan modules!
* Scanner upgrade: CT-6215H (RayScan HP), >60kpps@8° ILDA, max. 80° (@30kpps) step response time (2° opt. step): 0.13msec.
Avalaible : 11 - 18 - 20 - 30 watts.

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laser show works

RTI Laser Spin series for PIKO

This makes laser shows even more dynamic: The new RTI Laser Spin provides super flexible laser use in nearly every direction. It can hold RTI PIKO lasers, but can also be equipped with Pure Micro, Pure Sapphire Compact and Purelight Compact laser systems (depending on the power). The 16bit resolution of the RTI Laser Spin makes turns really smooth.
Most important for laser moving heads are the available control options:
RTI offers the Laser Spin with a special ILDA control wiring, so lasers can be live controlled through computers. Of course DMX options are possible too.

Technical specifications:
Channel Assignments 8 Bit: 1Pan, 2 Tilt / 16 Bit: 1 Pan Coarse, 1 Pan Fine
Pan speed: 180° in 6 seconds
Pan range: 300°
Tilt speed: 180° in 6 seconds
Tilt range: 270°
Dimensions: 660/381/178mm (L/W/H)
Power supply: 100-240V 50-60 Hz
Power cons. 50W
net weight: 12,7kg
Accessories: Pipe clamp, manual, safety cables, Bolt for pipe clamp metric M16x30hex head, flat washer and lock washer
(without laser)

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Nano RGB

The RTI NANO RGB Series comprise high end show laser light systems 'Made in Germany'.
For example :  RTI NANO RGB 23 has a guaranteed output power of 22,000mW and a typical output power of 24,500mW - full color RGB!
These laser projectors are equipped with laser diode and green OPSL modules. The special type of modules provides brilliant colors and great color mixtures. Beam accuracy and beam shape is extremely advanced, so these units are suitable for high professional applications. The compact built laser systems are waterproof according to IP65 and the housings are very durable.
With their very fast CT-6215H scanners (60kpps@8° ILDA) and its special RTI drivers these units are suitable for every possible event. These white light laser devices guarantee great quality even at long distance projections.
All RTI NANO RGB projectors are equipped with ILDA interface for standard computer control. In addition to that it is possible to order optional contol modes, like LAN, DMX, SD-card or auto mode. Even W-DMXTM is available on request.
Projector settings can easily be adjusted through the versatile remote touch control pad.
Optional Scanner Upgrade CT-6215HP (CT Big Boy Driver), >60kpps@8° ILDA, max. 80° (@30kpps), step response time (2° opt. Step): 0.13msec. Price on request.

Version RGB 23 = 22 watts 
Version RGB 65 = 63 watts 
Version RGB 100 = 98 watts 
Version Rainbow 125 = 122 watts 

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